Ambear BPA Free 30pcs Breast Milk Storage Bags

Ambear BPA Free 30pcs Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Breast milk storage bag designs with gamma-ray sterilization, large capacity, double seal, record management and safe material making things convenient for mummy.

Gamma-ray sterilization
Such sterilization is effective and suits the disinfection of the packaging items and the heat-sensitive material product.

Free control of milk flow
There is an opening on the bottom of the bag and the milk can flow from the big opening or the small one, which is on your choice.

Double seal
The leak-proof double seal design makes it possible that the breast milk is isolated from the outside air.

Record management
You can record the name, date, capacity of the milk.

Product Details
Size of 1pc storage bag ( L x W ): 18 x 9.9 cm / 7.09 x 3.90 inch